Rock 'n Roll Jack Robot Lifter for Moving Fireproof and Lateral File Cabinets

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Robot safely moves heavy file cabinets, reduces injury claims
APRIL 20, 2012 -- The moving industry cry for relief from Worker's Comp claims has been heard and the answer is to ™prevent them.

This week, Office Moving Systems, Inc. unveiled a mechanical lifter specifically designed to safely move fully loaded fireproof and lateral file cabinets. It’s been dubbed the Rock ‘n Roll Jack™.

According to Ed Katz, president of Office Moving Systems, Inc. and co-inventor of the Rock ‘n Roll Jack™, big moving companies and small face the high cost of Worker's Comp insurance. Typically, four or five workers move a heavy cabinet by physically manhandling it and injuries are common.

"Injuries to workers while moving fire safes, fireproof cabinets, and lateral file cabinets plague the moving industry. Reducing injury-causing work activities and the claims turned in on Worker's Comp insurance is a major concern,” Katz said.

According to Katz, reducing the number of workers needed to accomplish the task will have a major impact on the cost of an injured employee.

“Only one device operator and an assistant are required, the
Rock 'n Roll Jack™ handles the heavy lifting so the risk of injury is greatly reduced,” said Katz.

After four years of refining and testing, Katz says the new device is now in production.

The robotic Rock ‘n Roll Jack™ pushes the cabinet over just enough to slide a lifting plate underneath. An adjustable grabber arm placed across the top of the cabinet stabilizes the load while the lifting plate raises the cabinet high enough to accommodate a specially designed steel dolly.

Hefty, lead-lined fire safes typically weighing 1,500 pounds can be found at companies and government facilities with a need to securely house vital and sometimes irreplaceable documents.

“Lateral file cabinets are common office furniture in all types of business environments and a full one can weigh up to 1,000 pounds,” Katz said.

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Rock 'n Roll Jack lifts fully loaded lateral file cabinets.
Rock 'n Roll Jack lifts fully loaded lateral file cabinets.
The Rock 'n Roll Jack lifts fully-loaded lateral file cabinet then it's placed on a specially designed steel dolly and rolled away.
Rock 'n Roll Jack lifts fully loaded lateral file cabinets.
Rock 'n Roll Jack lifts fully loaded lateral file cabinets.